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Creative hunters or hunting for creativity?
Idea or matter first?

ELL Milano is the jewelry workshop where tradition and knowhow meet and merge together with research, trends, sustainability and observational skills.

ELL's tradition is synonymous with art and craftsmanship cultivated over time from father to son, which translates into working with and exploring materials to represent values and aesthetics of the contemporary society.

This is why ELL has, today, become a hub.
A hub of artists and craftsmen who experiment every day.
Professionals who know how to see the true value of a piece of jewellery throughout the creation process.
A value that embraces our contemporary culture, taking into account the goldsmith's art of the past combined with the stimuli of the present, anticipating the future with creative ideas that enclose and involve your senses.

ELL Milano is an intense blend of creativity and tradition.
ELL Milano is continuous research.

Not just a jewelry boutique, but a precious world of great passions, open to evolution and creative interaction, attentive to trends and social dynamics.
A world ready to recontextualise jewellery.


Workshop ELL Milano

Whorkshop ELL Milano


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