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Size Guide

Whether you are looking for you perfect fit, or surprising someone with a gift, our size guide will help you find the right direction!

First, let’s say that ELL Milano rings follow the Italian ring measurement standards.

If you know your measurements based on other international standards, please check our ring size conversion chart below at the end of this text.

If you don’t know your size in any scale, you can download our printable sizer further down in the page.

Before to download and print it, please read the instruction to be sure your measurement is taken in the right way :)

1 Download the PDF file and print it ensuring to choose the A4 format (24 x 29,7 cm) in 100% scale (real size).

2 To avoid any mistakes, once the guide is printed, please ensure that it is printed in the right size. You can easily check it by positioning a credit or debit card in the specific area, if the size of the card will match the line length it is ok, and you can start measuring your own ring.

3 Place your own ring on top of the circles until the inside edge of the ring matches the outside of the circle. If possible use a ring band due to it’s flat shape will be easier to check the printed circles below.


*When in doubt between two sizes we always suggest to choose the size up, since, the measurements are really similar, but, this way you’ll be sure the ring will be comfortable in any occasion, even in warmer season or a party night when your fingers swollen a little bit for the heat.

* If you will to buy a ring from our MYTH collection (except for the myth Medusa Fragment Ring which have a normal fit) , we suggest to choose -1 size than your usual (or the one you will find out with the printable sizer) since, due to it’s internal shape and weight, those rings tent to have a larger fit rather “normal” rings.



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