As a creative jewelry studio, we love to work on custom made and one-of special pieces. 

 Full custom made pieces in sterling silver starts from 700 euro, for any kind of jewel, even a small pendant.


If you wish to get a quotation for a customised jewel please contact us at:


Once submitted your idea/project, we will check for it and let you know the availability of the project and it's pricing.

Custom made jewels requires a longer crafting time than collections jewelry.

At the moment our bookings for custom made pieces are open and the current production timing for a custom piece is about 30-60 work days.


*Please take note that we don't do copies or replica's of existing jewels, we only work on original contents and creative pieces.

*Please take note that custom made and/or custom engraved jewels are always excluded from any sale, discount or promotion.

*Please take note that engraved or custom made jewels can't be returned or refunded, nor partially.