Jewelry Care

In order to keep your jewellery shiny and new for years to come, special care is required;

Always avoid direct contact with chemical products such as soap, creams, perfumes. Direct contact with water - salt water or pool water with chlorine should be avoided as well.

Make-up, perfumes, hairspray and more generally cosmetic products may ruin the finish of your jewel, cause fading on plated items or accelerate oxidation on silver jewelry.

Remove your silver jewellery while doing sports or any heavy outdoor activity and do not wear your jewellery in swimming pool, jacuzzi, hot springs, steam room or while bathing, showering or sleeping.

Do not wear you silver jewelry if you are going to a natural thermal bath, sulfur rich water will immediately oxidise your piece.

Also remove your jewelry while doing household since aggressive polishing products may ruin the surfaces or cause skin irritation if remain trapped between the jewel and your skin.

When not worn, please store each item individually in the provided ELL Milano pouches or boxes, this will avoid exposure from direct sunlight which will cause silver to yellowing, and gold plated silver to fade. This also helps avoiding scratching and rubbing between jewellery pieces.

Due to it’s nature, silver might oxidize over time. To avoid this, gently wipe your jewellery with a soft cotton cloth.

Specific silver polish cloths can also be easily found online or at your local jewelry store.

Do not use silver polishing cloth which contains anti tarnish liquid on jewelry with an oxidised (blackened) finishing, otherwise you will end up by removing the oxidised patina of the jewel changing it's finishing.

925 sterling silver is a quite soft metal, so please treat it with care. Do not bend and pull chains, bangles or rings.

Also, you should not sleep with your silver jewelry on since it can be bend or damaged while sleeping. 

Rings, are easily exposed to collisions with other surfaces which creates dents and small scratches.
Scratches and small dents are not considered a defect, but just a sign of normal wear, as well as fading on plated jewelry.

All natural set stones have to be treated with care, since they might break or chip if they collide with an hard surface, so please be careful. 

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