How do I know my ring size?


The best and safest way to determine your ring size is to purchase a ring sizer online.

If you choose to measure your size with a ring sizer, ensure that the fit is not too tight, as your hand size can fluctuate due to seasonal weather changes and humidity. It's advisable to leave a little extra room for the ring to accommodate any slight swelling of the finger.

If you already know your ring size in another international sizing scale, please use our size guide/converter to determine your ELL size (Italian Standard Size Scale).

You can find the size guide/converter in the SIZE GUIDE section at the bottom of the page, or on each product page next to the cart button.

If you are unable to find your size in the converter, please send us an email at info@ellmilano.com or DM us on Instagram, and we will assist you in determining the correct size.


Which materials are ELL jewels made of?


ELL jewelry is made with recycled and responsibly sourced 925 silver and 18kt gold.


Which kind of Gems are used in ELL Milano jewels?


We only use natural gemstones.

All the precious gemstones set in our jewelry are sourced from trusted suppliers whose showrooms are located in downtown Milan. They responsibly source the best gemstones for us from around the globe.



Why does my silver ring/bracelet leave black marks while wearing it?

Why does my finger and/or ring turn black or green while wearing silver?


Well, there are multiple explanations for these questions.

First things first, for those who may not know, pure silver is too soft to be used in jewelry. Therefore, it is often alloyed with other metals such as copper to increase its hardness and resistance, thus creating the 925 silver alloy.

Although rare, it's possible that your skin reacts with the small percentage of copper present in the silver alloy, resulting in the typical black or greenish halo. Such reactions are becoming more common due to the acidic nature of our skin, which is often influenced by the use of soaps, creams, beauty products, and hand sanitizers containing chemicals.

Moreover, our diet and lifestyle choices can also affect how our skin reacts. Excessive consumption of fatty and acidic foods, alcohol, drugs, or medications can alter the pH balance of the skin, making it more acidic and prone to reactions.

We highly recommend removing all jewelry during sports and outdoor activities, showering, household cleaning, sleeping, sunbathing, etc. During these activities, chemical residues (such as soaps, creams, lotions, perfumes) or simply sweat and dirt could become trapped between the jewelry and your skin, increasing the likelihood of a reaction.

Furthermore, silver naturally oxidizes over time, resulting in yellowing or grayish areas. It's possible that a heavily oxidized area of the jewelry in contact with the skin could leave behind a gray/black halo.

Lastly, it's important to note that if a ring fits too tightly, especially if it has a thick "tube-shaped" band, sweat, dirt, and substances like soap, detergents, perfumes, creams, etc., may become trapped inside, leading to blackening or other reactions.

Therefore, it's advisable to ensure that the ring is never too tight, allowing the skin to "breathe."


Is it possible to resize an ELL ring?

It depends by the specific model.

Please contact our customer service at info@ellmilano.com for info and costs.


Is it possible to make custom engravings on ELL rings?


Indeed, we can incorporate engravings onto the inner band of our rings, provided there's sufficient space.

Each engraving is meticulously crafted by hand. Drawing upon our expertise, we carefully select the optimal style and placement to enhance the original design of the jewel, ensuring an impeccable result.

For further details and pricing, please don't hesitate to reach out to our bottega at info@ellmilano.com.



Can I commission my own full bespoke ELL Milano jewel?


Absolutely! Crafting custom pieces is an integral part of our brand's ethos.


If you're keen on bringing your unique vision to life, please reach out to us at info@ellmilano.com with a description of your jewel concept. If feasible, we'll arrange an appointment at our Milano workshop to take measurements and finalize the details.

Full custom projects start from approximately 1500€ for a silver jewel, while for 18kt gold, the cost will be evaluated based on the specific project.

Please bear in mind that due to the high volume of custom requests we receive, our response may take a few days as we dedicate the utmost care and consideration to each project.


What does oxidized silver mean?


Oxidizing, also known as burnishing, refers to the intentional blackening of silver.

This patina is created using a specialized oxidizing liquid. The burnished or polished finish is applied to various models, enhancing intricate sculpted pieces and creating a striking chromatic contrast."



How can I buy a product that I have seen on your social or in Milano store which is not on the Eshop?

If you are interested in purchasing a jewel that is not available online, or an archival design, please contact us at info@ellmilano.com describing the item, or attaching a picture of it,  if it is possible we will be happy to help you arrange the purchase via email.


What are the shipping costs?

Shipping within Italy (including islands) is 15 euro.

International shipping costs range from 25 to 65 euro. You can verify the shipping fee at checkout before confirming your order.

All shipments are handled by DHL with Express delivery within 1-2 working days worldwide.


When will my order be shipped?

To minimize waste and overproduction, the majority of our jewels are made to order.

As a result, all designs are always available in every size (except for one-off pieces and some models with special or limited availability) on our online store.

If the jewel you select is already in stock at our Milan bottega, it will be shipped within 1-2 working days from the date of purchase. However, production times may vary from 2 to 6 weeks.

You can always find the estimated production time indicated in the technical specifications of the jewel.


What information will I receive about my shipment?

Once your shipment departs from our offices, you will receive an email notification from DHL. Your jewel will then be delivered within 1-2 working days. In addition to the DHL notification, you will receive the tracking number for your product.