All ELL jewelry is imagined, designed, and hand-crafted in downtown Milano.

Our bottega is located in Corso di Porta Ticinese 62, so our address measures a walking distance of 1.5KM from the - Duomo di Milano -

We built our studio so we are able to cover all production necessities, but of course, there are some kind of operations like precious metal casting that can’t be handled in our small bottega, so we collaborate with artisans and professionals that are located in the surroundings of our studio.

Of course, we can’t personally dig to find precious gemstones in Parco Sempione, so, all the precious gemstones set in our jewels are sourced by trusted suppliers, whose showrooms are located in downtown Milano. They search the best gemstones for us all around the globe in a responsible way.

Being a team of just two people may seems a disadvantage, but, on the other side it allow us to have full control of all the operations, so on the final quality of our crafts.

We are aesthetes, always seeking perfection in the execution and looking to alternative and uncommon way to craft our jewelry…

This drove us into learn all the aspects of jewelry making that are usually handled by different specialised artisans ( Model maker, master goldsmith, stone setter, engraver…) in order to create what we want, without compromises on the final design and finishings.

Our modus operandi is an hybrid of 70% techniques from the goldsmith heritage and 30% innovation.

Technologies have to be used at the service of the artisan - to save time and resources on the first visualisations and samples - and not to be used in substitution of the human skills.

We have get 3D scanning of our hand made micro sculptures and designs to play with, so on a simple tablet we can multiply, distort, bend, fracture…

We are able to visualize what we see in our minds, saving time and resources and being so more environmentally respectful. 


Each ELL jewel is designed with the intention of creating timeless pieces that can be passed down through generations.

ELL jewelry is made with recycled and responsibly sourced sterling silver and gold. 

We aim to minimise waste in the production process, and therefore, the majority of our pieces are made to order.